Monday, August 25, 2008

MY PREY- year 1 reflection

Year 1 work.

1. Self Reflection - this piece reflects on my self personally as a free spirited person, basing it on emotional identity. I describe myself as rounded perspective, cheerful, colorful, at time quiet, shy, adventurous and enjoy times of silent when freedom takes upon my dreams. visioning the future desires of friendship. love and hatred.

2. Culture 1- linking it to the my first piece on self reflection I focused my ideas on the clashes of two culture, western and eastern. Using symbols that strongly identify each country, ie the thai temples representing thailand, the great importance of the temples upon the country and the windmill representing The Netherlands, 'the lower than sea level country'.
- The blending of two cultures within myself

3. Culture 2- moving away from identity and reflection i focused my ideas on global issues. One of the main issues being deforestation and the increase of greenhouse gases affecting our atmosphere. Tree as a symbol of our natural resource that is increasingly being cut down every day. Instead of having leaves, manufactured goods is portrayed. - this represents the decaying of our natural resources and the increase production of goods. The environmental trade for goods.


Beautiful sites in Italia i fell in love with:
- St. Peteirs Basilica
-The Spanish (The Cathedral of Siena, Italy)
- Uffizi Gallery
- the streets...
- Florence

Artists of inspirations:
-Sandro Botticelli
- Piero della Francesca

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Halt.Stop....Run!!!!! Color Splash

First year of IB art past and finished, and heading into the second and last year before the BIG exhibition late term 3.

Reflecting back into the first year of IB art, the words Arduous, Demanding, Original, Creative comes up. Starting the IB with no idea of the hectic hours involved, the year started off with a Bright open mind. Half way into the year, the strain kicks in and my mind begin to quiver.
I go wild.
My mild goes mental
details strike me.
people amaze me. every move, every touch. every breath. every word
fascination......yet for a brief moment my mind, creativity stops at a halt, frozen on an idea.
development erases and I'm ..stuck!

Summer STRIKES and the quiver subsides...
fresh summer air of Italy swift through my hair, ringing bells in my ear and color in my eyes
intrigued by the beautiful architecture of carved stones, marble, finely stroke paintings.....
ancient, the past- each and every picture holding a memory, message or/ and a secret

1 2 3 4
1. St.Petier's
3. Spanish steps
4. view from St.Petier tower

The beautiful architecture of the city's building strikes my attention as the most time consuming most valuable intriguing piece(s) of architectural art.
The immense stone figures looking down on us, with fine details of angels, nudity, beliefs and history..and then ..the question arises

"is technology taking over the world of art. the patient involve in creating beautiful pieces of art in which the future will look at and be amazed..does it and will it exist for us?? are we just lazy bastards looking at the easy way into creation??"